Preview – Why Do Men Earn More Than Women?

why do men earn more

The Apprentice’s resident Baroness and elite business woman, Karren Brady, joins Channel 5 for a documentary investigating the troubling inequality between the two genders when it comes to wages and what companies need to do to eliminate it.

Over the course of the hour long documentary, Baroness Brady meets with a number of small business owners who have devised ways to make the pay fairer, if not non-existent, whilst also challenging the bigger corporations in the country – and, indeed, around the wider world – who don’t follow suit. Amongst the business owners aiming to make a stand against the gender wage gap is Paulina Tenner whose enterprise, Grant Tree, operates with a pay-transparency model. Brady also meets with a number of women who have been affected by attitudes towards women in the workplace and talks to men’s rights activist Mike Buchanan. This thought provoking documentary, centred on one of the biggest social issues of this generation, shows the damaging effects of apathy and hits home the necessity for equality in modern society.

Why Do Men Earn More Than Women – Wednesday 9:00pm on Channel 5.