Preview – Wife Swap: Brexit special

Sophie Boettge, Pauline Edwards, Roger Blant.

In or Out? It’s the question that dominated 2016 and one that left a divided Britain. In this Wife Swap Brexit special episode, the passionate leavers meet the firm remainers.

Canvey Island had the third highest ‘leave’ vote and is home to Pauline, Andy and 14-year-old Katie, who were keen for an independent Britain. Green Party councillor Kat, however, lives with her partner Roger and 17-year-old daughter Sophie and is a firm ‘remain’ voter.

Will these two strong-minded women persuade the other side to vote any differently or will women find themselves too immersed in heated debates about immigration, class and racism to see the others point of view?

Wife Swap: Brexit special, Thursday, 9 pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4