Preview – Wild Britain: Untamed Coasts

Wild Britain

The third instalment of the Channel 5 nature documentary which focuses around the scarcely seen, let alone acknowledged, pockets of nature and wildlife which Britain can still boast. In the previous two episodes, the cameras have followed the creatures who call the mountainous highlands home and the flourishing populations of wildlife in the forest undergrowth. This week, however, they centre on an entirely different dimension of life in the UK, plunging into the foamy depths of our coastal regions.

From sandy beaches to soaring cliffs, Britain’s coastlines are one of nature’s wildest habitats, where hardy creatures are battling to survive. This week the cameras look at a colony of grey seals as the bulls prepare to do battle over the mating rights to the in-season females. Elsewhere a flock of Guillemots begin to build their nests in the most precarious of places in an attempt to deter foxes, stoats and other rodents from eating their young.

Wild Britain: Untamed Coasts – Tuesday 9:00pm on Channel 5