Preview – Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World

Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World

Fitting Friday night viewing for St Patrick’s Day, Colin Stafford-Johnson heads to Ireland in BBC Two’s new two-part documentary, Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World.

Starting his journey exploring ancient ruins and wildlife of the Skellig Rocks in south west Ireland, Colin visits the historical sites where early Christian monks built a monastery on the summit almost 1,500 years ago.

But it wasn’t only the monks that made a life for themselves on the rocks, the Blasket Islands are home to a vast number of seals that head ashore during the winter months to mate, and the last surviving herd of red deer can be found roaming Ireland’s highest mountain range.

It is a different story, however, for the residents of the Irish waters. Johnson follows the trail of humpback whales, which are making their mark in Irish waters and returning year after year in increasing numbers, before visiting a lone dolphin who has set up residence in Burren.

 Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World, Friday, 9pm – BBC Two