Preview – Women Who Kill

Dee Dee - Women Who Kill

Only one in ten murders in America are carried out by women. Most are the end result of marital abuse, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse or are the result of self-defense. But there are some, a breed of female murders whose motivation is fueled by pure greed; known as ‘black widow killers’ these cases make up less than five percent of murders charges.

This episode reveals the stories of three black widows that are serving murder trials for killing over money. We meet Celeste Beard-Johnson who conspired with her lesbian lover to murder her millionaire husband once her money was stopped. She denies the charge but was sentenced to the crime after her children gave evidence against her.

We also her from Dorice or ‘Dee Dee’, who maintains her innocence in the killing of a $30million lottery winner that she befriended then stole from.

Women Who Kill, Wednesday, 10pm – Channel 4