Preview – Women Who Kill

Amber Hilberling - Women Who Kill

America hosts a third of the world’s female prison occupants, 30,000 of which are serving long sentences for murder. What makes these crimes so disturbing is that, unlike many male murders, these women know their victims – they are close friends, partners or even relatives.

Channel 4’s documentary, Women Who Kill, questions what it is that makes these women kill people they knew and loved.

In the first episode we meet Amber Hilberling. When she was 19 and seven months pregnant, she pushed her husband out of a 25-story window where he fell to his death – she still maintains her innocence. Patricia on the other had has admitted that she beat her cousin to death with a rock and Trujillo who stabbed her boyfriend 25 times with her stiletto shoe.

Showing interviews with the women and their families, the documentary doesn’t aim to reach any conclusions – the women’s cases and stories are complex – but it does leave you questioning, why?

Women Who Kill, Wednesday, 10pm – Channel 4