Preview – Women’s Rugby World Cup

Women's Rugby World Cup

Following the cricket world cup and Euro 2017, the next big women’s sporting event the rugby union world cup, although it has not got as much attention as these previous events, which is pretty shocking given that England are the current holders of the trophy.

Coming from Ireland, the hosts play against Australia this evening, but before that England begin their campaign to defend their trophy by taking on the Spanish. Given that England’s group also contains Italy and the USA, you do think England have a bit of an easy trip to the knock-out stages.

Hopefully, with the success of England women’s cricket and football teams, the rugby team might also get some decent recognition, although given that ITV has decided to put it on ITV4 rather than the main ITV suggests it might struggle.

Women’s Rugby World Cup is on ITV4. England v Spain is on at 13.30 (kick-off at 14.00), and Ireland v Australia at 18.30 (kick-off at 19.00).