Preview – WWI: the Final Hours

WW1 the Final Hours
Picture Shows: Matthias Erzberger (CHRIS ROGERS), Ferdinand Foch (PIP DONAGHY), Rosslyn Wemyss (DAVID BARK JONES). Image Credit: BBC/72 Films/Mark Ashby.

As we approach the 11th November, this partly-dramatised documentary looks at the negotiations that finally brought the end to the war.

The Final Hours follows the three central figures of the talks: Britain’s Admiral Rosslyn Wemyss, who was determined to make sure that the German navy couldn’t challenge the UK’s dominance of the waves; France’s Marshall Ferdinand Foch, who wanted to dismantle Germany and make sure it could never invade his homeland; and German politician Matthias Erzberger, who had to negotiate the best terms possible for his defeated nation.

WWI: the Final Hours is on BBC Two at 21.00.