Preview: Years and Years

Years and Years

I really didn’t want to like this series. It came across as a piece of BBC diversity checklist-oriented tokenism – and though it does over-egg its pudding, the strength of the story in the end has pulled it through.

As Years and Years, the six-part drama by Russell T Davies, reaches its conclusion tonight, Prime Minister Viv Rook’s (Emma Thompson) regime tightens its grip on the UK and the true purpose of the Erstwhile ‘hostile environment’ policy is revealed.

Using the division and uncertainty seeded by Brexit and no small amount of concern about the global rise of populism and minority targeting, this dystopian mash-up has posed some interesting questions about the security and strength of our democracy and the limitations of our will to protect it.

True, the characters can be soapy and one-dimensional and the dialogue at times is like a radio drama, but the themes of authoritarianism and normalisation of prejudice through human weakness are cleverly handled.

Project fear or a bleak warning of what might be? Tune in and make your own mind up.

Years and Years – Tuesday a 9.00pm on BBC One.