Preview: You Won’t Believe This

You Won't Believe This - Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor hosts the interrogation game where members of the public who fancy themselves as amateur sleuths hear unbelievable stories from a succession of ‘suspects’ – but only one of them is telling the truth.

This time, four suspects claim to have survived a natural disaster, and four more allege that they found a fortune. Ellie is joined by amateur sleuths Kyle, who’s 26, from London, and Jade, 24, from Cambridgeshire, who attempt to flush out the truth teller in a bid to win £5000. But if they fail and pick a fake, the fibbing suspect walks away with the cash. With claims ranging from a home being swallowed by a sinkhole, to finding original Beatles lyrics in a second-hand car, whose story is true – and whose pants are on fire?

You Won’t Believe This

Tuesday at 11.05pm on Channel4.

Image: Channel 4/Adam Lawrence.

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