Preview – Your Face or Mine?

Your Face or Mine

You may ask yourself why Comedy Central thought it was a good idea to revive a somewhat forgotten E4 comedy game show that ended nearly 15 years ago. To be honest, I haven’t got an answer.

Your Face or Mine? was originally hosted by Jimmy Carr and June Sarpong. Carr is still involved, but this time Katherine Ryan is the co-host. In the original series, a couple won cash prizes if they correctly predicted the audience guesses as to who out of a group of people looked the most attractive – including the couple in question.

You could argue that the show is cruel for judging people solely by their appearance, or that the show is just like a comedy Tinder. Whatever you think, whether it was worth bringing back remains to be seen.

Your Face or Mine? begins with a double-bill on Comedy Central at 20.00 and 20.30.