Preview: Zapped


Riding on the wave of Red Dwarf, Dave has moved from sci-fi to fantasy with their latest original work.

Zapped follows Middlesex temp Brian Weaver (James Buckley), who instead of being sent a phone charge in the post gets some kind of bracelet. When he puts it on, he finds himself transported to the fantasy realm of Munty. Now he is stuck in an alternative dimension, his only company being a drunken wizard Howell (Paul Kaye), incompetent soothsayer Barbara (Sharon Rooney), warrior-turned-publican Herman (Louis Emerick) and armchair revolutionary Steg (Ken Collard) who is the son of a dwarf and giant (they used a ladder). Can he ever return home?

The first episode can be seen on UKTV Play now, where among other things there is an entertaining turn from Sally Phillips as the murderous “Slasher Morgan”.

Zapped is on Dave tonight at 9.40pm.