Queen of Trucks

Queen of Trucks

Trucking is big business! Cashing in on the boom is HGV driving school owner Shannan Paterson. She is on a mission to shake up the haulage scene and get more young drivers on the road. With an intense crash course, learners can bag their licence within five days and earn good money. 

Fun-loving Shannan is in the fast lane for success and has huge plans to supersize the business to keep up with demand. She is the daughter of a trucker, savvy and shrewd and trucking runs in her blood. Family is everything for Shannan, she took over the company at a time of tragedy and was handed the keys to the business. 

Her driving school champions young learners and is based in the epicentre of trucking, Willenhall in the West Midlands. Juggling the business with helping to raise her younger sister, Shannan is also putting her money where her mouth is and taking her own HGV lessons. However, is she taking her foot off the pedal when she tries to bag her own P plate?

Queen of Trucks – Monday 8pm on BBC3

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