Preview – Queen Rock Montreal

Queen Rock Montreal

Few bands have the anthemic power or enduring quality of Queen. Bands have had their 20 minutes in the limelight, have been feted as great, have led the ‘rock’ lifestyle, but they have largely disappeared and their music with them. Queen, on the other hand, have been around since the days of Methuselah and their legacy is a catalogue of music that has provided the soundtrack to millions of adolescences, make-ups and break-up, and has established them in rare company as one of the seminal rock bands of the 70s and 80s.

Here, SkyArts broadcasts one of their finest, most complete live performances from 1981, Queen Rock Montreal. It is a gig that epitomises everything positive about the band and the creativity its members brought to the stage. Freddie Mercury is a magnetic presence and effortlessly projects in front of 18000 fans at Montreal’s Forum.

If you’ve got a PVR record this – it’s one you’ll watch again and again.

Queen Rock Montreal – Wednesday, 10.45 on Sky Arts