Sarah Beeny’s Little House Big Plans

Sarah Beeny's Little House Big Plans

Property expert Sarah Beeny and award-winning architect Damion Burrows meet the people brave enough to take on the challenge of converting their small living spaces into bigger places. Little House Big Plans reveals that no matter how small your home or how tight your budget, you can create your own grand design. In this episode, we meet Marie, who has lived in Croydon all her life. Now that her kids have flown the nest, she is downsizing from the family home to buy a house in Jamaica as well as a home here in the UK. Marie’s flat was once part of a spacious Victorian house but was converted into flats with lots of small rooms. Marie’s dream was to open up her ground-floor flat and make it into an open-plan space. But with the pandemic and a shortage of tradespeople and supplies, her big plans don’t go as smoothly as she had once hoped. Damion visits Ralph, who had grand designs to turn a two-car garage into a super-stylistic cube home, and meets Kelly and Stephen in Stockport who took on the mammoth task of converting their entire home themselves.

Sarah Beeny’s Little House Big Plans – Thursday 8pm on Channel 4

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