Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country


Britain’s favourite property expert, Sarah Beeny, her husband Graham Swift and their four boys have all quit their lives in London to start anew in the country. They’ve bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset where, with 220 acres of land available, they’re immersing themselves in everything rural life has to offer. They’re halfway through building the house of their dreams – a modern, energy-efficient English stately home. With the shell of the building already complete, in this second series they tackle the interior, one room at a time. In this episode, the action moves upstairs as the transformation of the four boys’ bedrooms begins. All the boys are keen to each take charge of their own room design, but also to get their hands dirty in making it happen. They may have grand plans, but will they be able to pull them off? Leaving London for the Somerset countryside wasn’t just about building their family a new home. Moving to a former dairy farm, Sarah and Graham have big plans for their land too, but with country living comes some mucky jobs! They’re emptying a large pond that they started building last year so that it can be properly lined to stay wet all year round and attract wildlife. The next step in the grand plan for this part of the farm is the zipwire across the pond, and Sarah hops into the small digger to lend a hand before a specialist team help them ensure the zipwire is safe. Since moving to the countryside, Sarah’s been keen to forage and cook with what naturally grows on their land as much as possible. So, Charlie and Laurie harvest something that’s in great abundance – stinging nettles – and Sarah brews up a batch of nettle beer, but not everyone is convinced! By October, the boys have completed their rooms that they’ve spent months designing and building and are finally ready for the big reveal. But what will mum and dad think of the fruits of their labour? And will they manage to get mum onto their new zipwire?

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country – Tuesday 8pm on Channel 4

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