Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country

Sarah Beeney's New Life in the Country

Britain’s favourite property expert, Sarah Beeny, her husband Graham Swift and their four boys have all quit their lives in London to start anew in the country. They’ve bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset where, with 220 acres of land available, they’re immersing themselves in everything rural life has to offer. They’re halfway through building the house of their dreams – a modern, energy-efficient English stately home. With the shell of the building already complete, in this second series they tackle the interior, one room at a time. In this episode, the family set their sights on creating a music room where the boys can practice their instruments. The boys are keen to come up with the ideas for this part of the house, so they take charge of the room’s design. Sarah and Graham’s boys have formed a band, and Graham sometimes helps out because he too was in a band when he was younger. The fledgling band haven’t decided on a name, but it’s at the top of their agenda! Whatever the boys choose, they want to start playing their own songs to a live audience, and that means more tutoring from their teacher, Sydney. In 2019, Sarah and Graham dug an agricultural pond to help alleviate flooding and encourage wildlife. While a few wild feathered visitors have moved in, they plan to add to the flock. Sarah, Raffey and Laurie meet Rowan, who runs a smallholding just down the road. Rowan sells fertilised duck eggs, so the family buy some to try to breed their own. Sarah and the boys set up an incubator to look after the eggs until they’re ready to hatch, but it’s not only duck eggs in the incubator. They have a surprise for Graham, who has told them they can’t have any more chickens. Over at the new house, work on the music room is moving at a fast tempo! Billy and Charlie have got their tool belts on and help the joinery team with the skirting boards. Moving to the countryside has brought a lot of lifestyle changes to the family, one of which is getting more involved with gardening. But with the build still ongoing, Sarah is a bit frustrated that they haven’t got a vegetable garden yet, but she has come up with a temporary solution! After nearly a month in the incubator, the first duck has hatched… or is it a chicken? The boys spend some of their summer holidays painting, choosing carpets and even trying to improve the acoustics of their music room by reusing some old corks. The ducks and chicks are growing fast. For the time being, they have taken up residence in a shower room, but they’ll soon need a new home outside. Sarah’s brother Diccon pops round to help give the ducks some options for lakeside living. The idea is to build an ornamental castle complete with turrets, towers and castellations. By October, the music room is ready, and the boys invite Sydney, along with their mum and dad, to the grand reveal. They finish up with a jam session and think about whether they’re ready to perform in public…

Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country – Tuesday 8pm on Channel 4

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