Sarah Beeny’s New Life in The Country

Sarah Beeney's New Life in the Country
Sarah Beeney's New Life in the Country

Britain’s favourite property expert, Sarah Beeny, her husband Graham Swift and their four boys have all quit their lives in London to start anew in the country. They’ve bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset where, with 220 acres of land available, they’re immersing themselves in everything rural life has to offer. They’re halfway through building the house of their dreams – a modern, energy-efficient English stately home. With the shell of the building already complete, in this second series they tackle the interior, one room at a time. Episode two begins in March with Sarah and Graham in a cavernous empty space that will form the stairwell for their grand country home. Sarah is keen to emulate the impressive original staircase that they had at Rise Hall, a semi-derelict country house in Yorkshire that the couple spent years renovating and that provided the backdrop for happy memories from their wedding day. The couple track down a local staircase maker to try to reproduce the aged-wood look that they want for their new home. Jake, who heads up the family business, has been working on achieving old-looking new wood products since he was 14 years old. While they think they’ve found the man for the job, Sarah and Graham have slightly differing visions for this important feature. Meanwhile, Sarah is interested in keeping goats – something that her parents did and that she has happy memories of. The family head to the neighbouring county of Devon to try to find out a bit more about the amount of work it might take and what the benefits are. But Graham isn’t convinced that they will have enough time to look after them. And what he learns does little to change his mind.

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in The Country – Tuesday 8pm on Channel 4

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