Saving Lives at Sea

Saving lives at Sea

When the crews step onto their lifeboats, they work as a team – and teamwork is key to every rescue. On Ireland’s south east coast, the three crews at Dunmore East, Kilmore Quay and Rosslare battle together to save a 100-metre-long cargo ship that has lost all power and is drifting towards rocks.

In Hoylake, on the Wirral, a vast multi-agency effort is required to rescue a mother and daughter who have got stuck in the mud. And 65 miles to the west, in the beautiful coastal village of Porthdinllaen, the crew respond to a mayday call from a yacht five miles out in the Irish Sea that is requesting an immediate medical evacuation.

Meanwhile, in Dungeness, a father and son on the crew are involved in the dramatic rescue of a yacht whose skipper has suffered a head injury.

Saving Lives at Sea – Tuesday 8pm on BBC2