Preview: Saving Lives at Sea

Ready to rescue at a moment’s notice. Photo: Blast! Films/ BBC

More than 90% of the RNLI’s annual rescues are categorised as ‘leisure gone wrong’, and it is often an innocent day at the beach, or a trip out to sea that can into a nightmare at the turn of a wave.

In this brand new series of Saving Lives at Sea we join members of the Britain’s first naval responders as they tackle some of our fiercest weather to get to those in trouble as quick as they can.

In Porthcawl, a surfer’s paradise turns out to be anything but when Storm Brendan wreaks havoc and leaves a group of young friends – and the crew who come to rescue them – in grave danger.

Meanwhile, paddleboarding in Selsey goes badly awry when a father becomes separated from his young children, leaving them stranded on a rapidly dwindling sandbank.

Saving Lives at Sea – Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two