Secret Spenders: Beat The Price Rises

Secret Spenders: Beat the Price Rises

With the UK hit by rocketing energy bills, food prices rising, and inflation biting, Anita Rani returns to help cash-strapped families battle the cost of living by secretly filming their out-of-control spending habits. For the first time, the culprits come face-to-face with their excessive shopping and discover for themselves exactly where their hard-earned money is going. Financial experts Anna Whitehouse and Peter Komolafe go through every detail of their lives, from scouring their bank statements to looking at piles of never-worn designer clothes stashed in the back of their wardrobes. Eachfamily undergoes a full financial makeover – cutting back on excessive takeaways, cancelling subscriptions and consolidating credit cards to zero percent. The show also features topical tips and hacks and consumer advice on practical ways to cut costs. In the first episode, Anita and the team help two couples struggling to make ends meet. In London, Rai is desperate to know why they can’t pay their debts, until she discovers that husband MK’s spending a small fortune on designer gear. In Milton Keynes, Daryl needs help to confront his partner Natalie to stop spending so much cash on beauty treatments and eating out. 

Secret Spenders: Beat The Price Rises- Thursday 8pm on Channel 4

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