Shameless (S1 Ep4/7)


When a small child goes missing from a children’s party on the Chatsworth estate, Frank (David Threlfall) turns the crowd into a lynch mob lashing out at anyone who looks a bit different, ice-cream man included. But when Fiona (Anne-Marie Duff) and Steve (James McAvoy) find that the child is with nine-year-old Debbie (Rebecca Ryan), the Gallaghers have a problem. How are they going to get the child back without questions being asked and Debbie ending up in serious trouble? After a madcap caper to return the child involving lies, superhero costumes and urinating in phone boxes, the day is saved. But a bigger question remains – what is to be done with psycho Debbie? Meanwhile Frank is getting comfortable at his new house with agoraphobic Sheila (Maggie O’Neill), but he’s having trouble with her sexy teenage daughter Karen (Rebecca Atkinson), who launches a full-on seduction.

Shameless – Tuesday 11.05pm on Channel 4