Shamless (S1 Ep1/7)


Another chance to see the first ever series of smash-hit, critically acclaimed, BAFTA Award-winning drama Shameless. The ceremonial burning of a stolen car marks the end of the summer on Manchester’s Chatsworth estate. Meet the Gallaghers. Mum went AWOL years ago, and dad Frank (David Threlfall) hit the bottle with six kids at home. Sixteen-year-old Lip (Jody Latham), mouthy as hell but still a virgin, is one step closer to losing his cherry when he offers to help the gorgeous Karen Jackson (Rebecca Atkinson) with her homework. Fifteen-year-old Ian (Gerard Kearns) discovers that even the most well-concealed secrets have a habit of coming out when his big brother starts sniffing around his gay porn stash. There’s Carl with his obsession with breasts, Debbie, the spooky one, little Liam, and Fiona (Anne-Marie Duff), the eldest, who holds the family together. Into this rollercoaster world steps – or rather dives – Steve (James McAvoy). Cool, well-mannered, well-dressed and romantic, he makes a beeline for big sister Fiona. One quick interrupted shag (by a copper, don’t ask) and a washing machine later, and Steve is soon getting his feet under the table. Why he wants them there, no one quite knows.

Shamless – Tuesday 10pm on Channel 4