Sort Your Life Out

Sort Your Life Out

This time, Stacey and her team – organizer Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan – help the Bradshaw family part with 30 years of clutter in just seven days. It’s the biggest challenge the team have faced so far, but it could help the Bradshaws fall back in love with their stunningly beautiful home.

Retired electrician Wayne is a car boot sale enthusiast, and daughter Harriet worries that all the clutter is too much for her parents. Craft-loving Sue emotionally reveals that her son Alex is too embarrassed to bring people home. Stacey gathers up all their possessions, including 100 knitting needles, 81 fondue forks and 204 lipsticks, and lays them out for all to see. Sue and Wayne struggle to let go of over 30 years’ worth of stuff, and tensions rise as Harriet and Alex try to help their parents make important decisions.

At the house, carpenter Rob breathes new life into the home by rejigging the kitchen layout and upcycling old but much-loved items. Cleaner Iwan gives the home a supersized spring clean, with lots of useful tips along the way, and organizer Dilly shows us all the best way to sort our wardrobes and collectibles.

When the family are left with only the must-keep items, they are stylishly reorganised by Stacey and her team, ready for the big reveal to the family. In their biggest clear out ever, can the team totally transform this family home by decluttering, organising and upcycling what they already have?

Sort Your Life Out – Thursday 8pm on BBC1

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