Sort Your Life Out

Sort Your Life Out

This time, Stacey and her gang – organizer Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan – challenge the Dowling family to sort their life out in seven days – and in order to do this, they must embark on a mammoth declutter. It’s the most cluttered house they have seen so far, and Stacey asks the family to try to let go of at least half their possessions, so that they can then beautifully reorganise their home.

As they begin to empty all their possessions from the house, we get to know the family behind the clutter: full-time mum Cherelle, courier Tony and their four children under four. With a lost engagement ring somewhere in the house and all their time taken up with tidying away toys, the clutter is causing chaos.

The family’s possessions are laid out in a giant warehouse like an art installation of their entire lives, including 34 odd kids’ shoes, 50 baby hats and over 1,000 toys. With everything displayed in front of them, the family are shocked to see how much they really own. Cherelle and Tony must learn to work together if they’re to tackle the clutter.

Carpenter Rob breathes new life into the house by radically reconfiguring the bedrooms to create maximum space for all four children. He also shows us how an old wardrobe can be repurposed in three different ways. Cleaner Iwan gives the home a supersized spring clean, with lots of useful tips along the way, and organizer Dilly shows us the best way to sort our kids’ rooms and our kitchen cupboards. When the family are left with only their must-keep items, the house is stylishly refilled by Stacey and the team, ready for the big reveal to the family.

Sort Your Life Out – Thursday 8pm on BBC1

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