Preview: Sort Your Life Out

Sort Your Life Out

The Fall family’s clutter has been spiralling out of control since they moved into their home four years ago, with dad Dan’s many unfinished DIY projects contributing to the overall chaos.

With Stacey’s help, the family start packing away all their possessions into boxes. Every single item is stripped from the family home, revealing how much space there is under all their things. Mum Julia, husband Dan and their two children, Noah (9) and Rachel (4) explain why their home is making them miserable.

All of the family’s worldly possessions are laid out in the warehouse, including 2137 toys, 452 books, 13 guitars, 61 mugs and 1274 tools. There are emotional moments as the family go through their most treasured items. Dan lives with ADHD and struggles to let go of his guitars and tools, and emotions run high when Dilly presents the family with £2000 in cash and cheques that they had lost in their overbrimming home.

At the house, Rob breathes new life into the home, with some clever built-in bench seating and smart workshop storage solutions. Iwan works his cleaning magic and Dilly rezones the downstairs, showing us the best way to sort our bedroom wardrobe and keep our kitchen tidy.

Sort Your Life Out

Wednesday at 9.00pm on BBC One.

Image: BBC/Optomen TV.

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