Speed Kids

Speed Kids

Northern Ireland has produced some of the world’s most famous racers, who have inspired a new generation of boys and girls who are revving at the grid and hoping to follow in their footsteps. This fast-paced documentary immerses viewers in the lives of the children who dream of becoming the next generation of motorcycle stars – and the families who juggle nerves and excitement as they support these young riders.

Featuring children aged between six and fourteen racing at speeds of up to 135mph, this action-packed film gives a personal insight into a sporting culture that is unique to Northern Ireland.

At the centre of the action is eight-year-old Max, son of racing superstar Paul Robinson who is one of Ireland’s most decorated racers. Max takes part in the Bam Bam class for children aged between six and ten. His determination on the track and fearless attitude has meant that, despite his age, some people are already comparing him to his grand-uncle, the legendary Joey Dunlop. Could this be our first glimpse of a future racing superstar?

Standing in Max’s way is nine-year-old Paige from County Tyrone, who is part of a new wave of girls who want to be involved in the sport. Softly spoken Paige is determined to beat her male rivals and follow in the footsteps of her eleven-year-old brother Lewis, who has overcome disappointment to be picked for a top UK team and is tipped for future stardom.

Also featured is rising star Peter from County Antrim. During filming, he had his first major accident while racing, and we follow his recovery and return to the track. Aged just thirteen, he races in the British Talent Cup and hopes one day to race at the highest level. The summer of 2021 saw a number of tragedies in Spain, in which two teenagers lost their lives while racing, and our families discuss the dangers of the sport they love and the unthinkable consequences of an accident.

Heart-warming and insightful, Speed Kids takes viewers into a world where children and their families experience an emotional roller-coaster as they pursue the sport they love

Speed Kids – Friday 7.30pm on BBC1

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