Stanley Tucci – Searching for Italy

Stanley Tucci - Searching for Italy

Bologna is the capital of Emilia-Romagna, home to the highest number of protected food products in the whole of Italy, known as DOPs. These products are globally renowned, strictly regulated and of exceptional quality – including parmigiano, prosciutto de parma and traditional balsamic vinegar. 

Massimo Bottura, one of the world’s best chefs, hails from the region. He drives Stanley to a premium parmigiano producer, where they break open a fresh wheel. It smells heavenly and sends the taste buds singing. Stanley also meets Mattia Santori, a young radical leader of the homegrown Sardines movement. They buy mortadella, a historic cooked pork sausage, which is one of the earliest protected products in Italy. 

Near Modena Stanley meets Claudio Giusti, part of the 17th generation of his family to be involved in making high-grade balsamic vinegar. Stanley also cooks Bolognese with Artusi enthusiast Barbara Asioli and travels to Rimini on the Adriatic Coast to meet Francesca Fellini, the niece of director Federico Fellini, and try the distinctive ‘priest’s hat’ cappelletti. 

Why is the food in Emilia-Romagna so good? Massimo puts it down to the unique geography, climate, passion and infinite patience. Some bold souls even whisper that this is the food capital of Italy, and now Stanley Tucci is one of them… 

A RAW Production for CNN Original Series. 

Stanley Tucci – Searching for Italy – Sunday 7.15pm on BBC2

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