Preview: Strictly Amy: Crohn’s and me

Even with constant hurdles, Dowden finds a way to stay light on her feet. Photo: BBC

Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden opens up about living with, and at times battling, Crohn’s disease. The Welsh star had kept the chronic condition a secret for years fearing the impact on her professional life, but now for the first time, Amy shows us the day-to-day reality of Crohn’s.

As she embarks on the busiest professional and personal few months of her life – from the UK Strictly Tour to her debut solo dance show and summer wedding – Amy is hospitalised due to her illness at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In this authored documentary, Amy reveals what it is like to live with a chronic, sometimes immobilising, condition and the effect it’s had on her career as a dancer. She also hears testimonies from others with the condition, and learns how the same disease can have its differences from person to person.

Strictly Amy: Crohn’s and Me – Friday at 7pm on BBC One