Taskmaster: Champion of Champions, Episode 2 – I’ve Sinned Again

Taskmaster Greg Davies Alex Horne
Taskmaster - Champion of Champions Picture Shows: Greg Davies and Alex Horne. ©UKTV/Avalon

Helped by Josh Widdicombe singing the theme tune (for no points), tonight we find out who is greatest champion of all.

Greg Davies and Alex Horne are offering up the challenges while Widdicombe, Katherine Ryan, Rob Beckett, Noel Fielding and Bob Mortimer offer the prizes: in this case the “best thing”. With Del Boy’s ring, free access to Widdicombe’s house, and a especially composed song from Kasabian on offer, the first task proper involved cracking open a locked suitcase the fastest and finding out its contents. This showed a wide range of different techniques, including reading ticker tape, smashing it open with a hammer, and sheer guess work.

Next up was to make a mask that both looks great and tastes delicious, which resulted in Widdicombe looking like Horne, Beckett wearing a Yorkshire pudding, and Mortimer having Wotsit hair. After that was final task the contestants ever tackled in the Taskmaster house: make the biggest mess and then clear it all up again in 10 minutes – a task which resulted in the revelation that Fielding really likes cleaning and Ryan lying about an affair. The final task of all was to get the most steps on some pedometers that were worn all over the contestants bodies, while blindfolded, which had some interesting tactics from Mortimer who decided to take his the pedometers off his feet so her could shake them with his hands.

This episode features some of the creepiest moments in Taskmaster – the masks were all slightly disturbing, especially as Mortimer was pretending to be some kind of alien, claiming that he had sinned every time Horne bit into him, while Beckett’s mask is described as looking like a “naan matador”. Mind you, that still might not be as disturbing as seeing the final prize: a full size, headless golden statue of Davies’s body.

However, it has all been fun and I long for a sixth series.

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