TASKMASTER Croissants Is Croissants

TASKMASTER Croissants Is Croissants

Taskmaster Greg Davies and his loyal sidekick Little Alex Horne host the 12th series of the BAFTA-winning comedy game show. The five brave souls desperate to display Greg’s regal golden head on their mantelpiece this time are: Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell. This captivating quintet will attempt numerous seemingly pointless tasks that test their ingenuity, dexterity and calmness under extreme pressure. Whoever does best at slathering stuff on space hoppers, hurling household appliances and digging through doggy bags will become the 12th Taskmaster champion and, more importantly, the apple of the Taskmaster’s eye. This time, Taskmaster celebrates its 100th episode! Perhaps this will signal a new start for the complicated relationship between Greg and his simpering secretary Alex… or perhaps not. Victoria Coren Mitchell celebrates with a flapjack, Morgana Robinson celebrates by slicing up some plastic balls, and Guz Khan celebrates by barricading himself in the Taskmaster house. Happy Birthday, Taskmaster!

TASKMASTER Croissants Is Croissants – Thursday 9pm on Channel 4