Taskmaster: Series 5, Episode 2 – The Leprechaun or the Lesbian

Taskmaster Series 5 Episode 2
Picture Shows: Bob Mortimer and Alex Horne. ©UKTV/Avalon

Tonight’s episode features dystopian rainbow scenes, a blood-covered loaf of bread in the wrong room, and a woman drenched in urine.

With Greg Davies and Alex Horne giving out points to see who will win five items of hip headwear, including a beret with actual hips attached to it and a hat with neon Taskmaster sign costing £400, we witness a task involving what is going to be the foodstuff of the series: the coconut. Namely, making the best coconut flinging machine. These ranged from Bob Mortimer using a crutch, Sally Philips using Horne as a fulcrum for a catapult, and Mark Watson trying to convince people that a hat is a machine using an edited Wikipedia article.

Following this we found the contestants painting rainbow scenes in the dark, where we learnt that Nish Kumar can’t do scenes, Mark Watson’s doesn’t know what shape a rainbow is, and Phillips thinks “test your strength” machines are a key part of the lesbian community. Afterward the next task was to cut a loaf of bread in the Taskmaster lab using only one item in located in a caravan, which featured the disturbing site of Aisling Bea bleeding over the wrong loaf as she tried to slice some bread that was in the caravan with a tin lid.

Next was the first team task of the fifth series: with Kumar and Watson against Bea, Mortimer and Philips trying to make the biggest splat, using among others things a balloon filled with piss; and lastly the live task of painting the most recognisable animal, vegetable or mineral, while incorporating their face in the picture.

The second episode didn’t feel quite as good as the first, perhaps because the general incompetence of the contestants. Most of them failed to fling their coconuts any considerable distance; three people were disqualified in the bread challenge; and while Watson and Kumar showed intelligence in the painting task, finding ways around the problems they faced, their paintings still came out rubbish.

Hopefully the contestants will display more skill as the episodes roll on.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00.