Taskmaster: Series 5, Episode 4 – Residue around the Hoof

Taskmaster Series 5 Episode 4
Picture Shows: Alex Horne and his lookalike in a Spot the Difference Task. ©UKTV/Avalon

This week the panel perform a task you’ll either love or hate, we see Bob Mortimer snort white pepper, and realise that Alex Horne is sometimes unnoticeable.

As Greg Davies’s five competitors fight over some extraordinary souvenirs, ranging from ABBA Monopoly to a bag containing Aisling Bea’s teeth, the first task proper involved everyone making and then tasting their own Marmite. This resulted in many disgusting concoctions, from Mark Watson’s looking “like frogspawn” to Sally Philips making three different batches, one of which was entirely made of absinthe.

After a short team task in which everyone had to do something synchronised (something Mortimer was hopeless at), the next assignment was one of the sneakiest in the history of Taskmaster: sitting in the garden with a strange scene in front of them, they had to blow up a balloon while blindfolded, so it’s diameter was the length of the standard British cucumber. After removing their blindfolds, they were given another task: to identify 10 things that had changed in their scene while they were blindfolded. Here we learned that people can’t tell between Horne and someone else with a beard, if both people are wearing hats.

Following on the constants had to try and sneeze: something that only two of players managed to do. Last there was the live task, of trying to keep one foot in their air while playing Taskmaster’s own version of “Simon Says”.

This episode felt like a bit of a mixed bag. The sneeze task was disappointing given that three people failed to do it; the Marmite task was rather off-putting given that their creations ranged from looking like baby poo to black water; but the “Spot the Difference” task was great.

As this is the fourth of eight episodes things are now certainly getting exciting, and anyone can win it: apart from Nish Kumar obviously.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00.