Taskmaster: Series 5, Episode 6 – Spoony Neeson

Taskmaster Series 5 Episode 6
Taskmaster S5 Ep6 Picture Shows: Alex Horne and Sally Phillips. ©UKTV/Avalon

This time Greg Davies needs to have a chat with Nish Kumar, Alex Horne is born, and Aisling Bea sends a golden pineapple to Kildare.

Fighting over five objects that contestants have made themselves, including a jigsaw of Davies, a pork-pie presentation unit and a birdbath partly made out of a plunger, the opening task proper involved trying to balance Horne on a see-saw. Strategies ranged from Kumar using a large roller to Bea tying a washing line to a car.

Next task up involved making the best point-of-view film using a camera strapped to their head. You would think Mark Watson’s film which involved him watching a YouTube video of someone else’s POV motorbike footage would be the worst, but Kumar’s video is so bad that Davies needs to have a private word with him. Sally Phillips meanwhile presented remarkable footage of Horne’s own birth.

After that was a sneaky task for just one person: Bea having to take photos of a golden pineapple among esteemed company. However, she instead sent the pineapple to her hometown of Kildare and got her mother to take photos instead. She also had issues in the next task, which involved taking a lit birthday candle out of the Taskmaster house and to the caravan, while avoiding all kinds of obstacles. The highlight was Kumar, who’s candle went out on the exact moment he says the words: “Bubbly f***”. The final live task involves everyone trying to make themselves monotone, with Bea looking so red it’s as if she has had the worst period ever.

This episode of Taskmaster has plenty to offer. The POV films were a wonderful sight especially the one involving the “birth” of Horne, as well as Bea making a parody of Taken. However, it has been Kumar who has been providing the most entertainment. He does surprisingly well at the start of the show, before things return to normal for him. He still gets loads of laughs which is really the important thing, and one of the best his “Bubbly f***” remark.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesday.