Taskmaster: Series 3, Episode 5 – The F.I.P.

Taskmaster: Series 3, Episode 5

The winner of the third series of Taskmaster is revealed, Greg Davies’s gold head is presented to the champion and Alex Horne is paid £80 to move a bucket of water.

As the contestants fight out to win five framed photos of their handsome relatives, including Al Murray’s grandfather Sir Ralph (a former minister at the Foreign Office), Dave Gorman’s cousin Cary Grant, and Sara Pascoe’s cat, the first task proper witnessed everyone trying to move water from one bucket to another without touching the buckets, armed with among other things a colander, a woolly hat and a coconut. In this final episode it seems Davies is becoming stricter – he has to penalise Gorman for cheating, which has already done in this episode, and forces Horne to present the rest of the show with one bare foot after he breaks a promise about not touch the water himself.

Meanwhile Rob Beckett gets angry when he plays charades across a river while wearing sponge hands while Gorman just gets his clues shouted out by a passing Ben Fogle; Paul Chowdhry uses camera trickery to create some impressive football footage; and we have one of the best live task so far in the run of the programme: trying to put the lowest unique number of donuts on a stick.

The live task was the best challenge of this episode, because while most are against the clock and are competitive in terms of improvising a solution, the donut task was much more tactical.

It is hard to judge how good this series compared to its two predecessors. Series 2 and 3 are both better than the first in my few, but I think I preferred the second series primarily because although he was not great at scoring points, Joe Wilkinson has so far been the funniest contestant across the three series.

Two more series have already been commissioned. In terms of improvements, what would be nice would be more diverse contestants – and this is something they ARE doing. Details for series four have been revealed, and for the first time there is more than one woman competiting: Lolly Adefope and Mel Giedroyc will be on, as well as Hugh Dennis, Noel Fielding and Joe Lycett. Things are looking up.

Taskmaster is available to watch on UKTV Play.