Ted 2


Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Barth star in an irreverent and vulgar comedy sequel from writer-director-producer Seth MacFarlane. The film opens with Ted (voiced by MacFarlane), the pot-smoking, foul-mouthed sex-obsessed teddy bear that came to life, marrying his human girlfriend Tami-Lynn (Barth). Unfortunately, a year later, Ted and Tami-Lynn’s marriage is faltering. To save it, they decide to have a baby. But there’s a problem: Ted has no reproductive organs. After Ted and his life-long buddy John’s (Wahlberg) ill-fated attempts to a secure a sperm donor, the bear and Tami-Lynn decide to adopt. It’s at this point that the law declares that Ted is not a person but merely property, so he loses his job and his marriage is anulled. Outraged, Ted and John employ stoner rookie lawyer Samantha L Jackson (Seyfried) to try to reinstate Ted’s personhood and rights. But their fight is hampered by the nefarious plans of Ted’s ex-stalker Donny (Giovanni Ribisi). With Morgan Freeman and John Slattery, plus cameos from Liam Neeson, Sam J Jones and Jay Leno.

Ted 2 – Sunday 11pm on Channel 4