Unreported World – The Anti-Vaxx Preachers

Unreported World - The Anti-Vaxx Preachers

Unreported World travels to remote regions of South Sudan, following the race to get the Covid vaccine to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. As rich nations celebrate the success of their vaccination programmes, most people in Africa haven’t even received one life-saving injection. As Covid variants emerge from unvaccinated populations, Unreported World investigates the reasons behind vaccine inequality, as the world is warned: ‘No one is safe, until everyone is safe.’ Seyi Rhodes joins an expedition team set up by a British charity. At this point in South Sudan, just over 200,000 people have been fully vaccinated, in stark comparison to around 50 million in Britain. In Ganyiel, Rhodes meets the medics with an overwhelming task and reveals the drip-feeding of supplies from wealthy nations. In a region already struggling with conflict, floods and other medical challenges, the team trek for miles to distribute their prize cargo to the most vulnerable. But broken promises and South Sudan’s tough terrain are not the only obstacles. Outside the clinics, many are hesitant about the vaccine. In the markets of the capital, Juba, some are convinced by false claims that vaccines are deadly. Further investigation reveals the power of an influential local preacher using anti-vaxx propaganda to misinform his congregation. Confronted by Rhodes, the man incorrectly insists his information comes straight from the bible. As anti-vaxx sentiment grows amid a stalling vaccine rollout, Rhodes meets a pro-vaxx preacher in a refugee camp with a David versus Goliath task

Unreported World – The Anti-Vaxx Preachers – Friday 7.30pm on Channel 4

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