Preview: The Bay

The Bay

The Morecambe community rallies around the grieving Metcalf family.

Jenn and the team find key evidence that all was not well in the Metcalf’s home while Jenn’s own home life is causing sleepless nights and disagreements with Chris.

Within the MIU, everyone is beginning to notice that something is amiss with Manning and the rumblings of cutbacks at work leave Jenn concerned about her future in Morecambe.

An old informant of Clarkie’s gives the team an unexpected lead and secrets Dean would prefer to remain hidden are uncovered by the team.

When the scrutiny of his marriage to Beth intensifies, Dean struggles to keep control and the cracks begin to show.

The Bay

Wednesday at 9.00pm on ITV.

Image: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023.

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