The Curse: The Fear 

The Curse

Crime-comedy caper from Tom Davis, James De Frond, Steve Stamp, Allan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin. Set in London in the early 1980s, The Curse follows a gang of hopeless small-time crooks who find themselves embroiled in one of the biggest gold heists in history. At a loss about what to do with the stolen gold, the gang set Mick (Davis) to work hiding it all. Albert (Mustafa) and Natasha (Emer Kenny) tell Sidney (Stamp) to keep a low profile, while Phil (Chegwin) gets a call telling him to expect an important visitor. At the café, Albert and Natasha receive an important visitor of their own in the shape of Ma McTavish (Thérèse Bradley), head of the local crime firm, and her associate Billy English (Ramon Tikaram). Ma seems to know all about the robbery and the gold – and the fact that Albert, Natasha and co are way out of their depth. She explains that she had backed the robbery, and now she will be helping them to monetise it, in exchange for a cut of the proceeds. It’s not the friendliest offer of help, and she leaves them in no doubt that they would do well to follow Billy’s instructions. He gives them the address of a safe house, an abandoned farm. But no sooner have the gang set themselves up at the farm than things take a very unexpected turn – and now they’re in even more trouble.

The Curse – Sunday 10pm on Channel 4

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