The Diana Interview: The Truth Behind The Scandal


From the same team behind the documentary exposing the truth about how Martin Bashir obtained his extraordinary Panorama interview with Diana, Princess of Wales – which has led to widespread fallout and an independent inquiry – The Diana Interview: The Truth Behind The Scandal includes new revelations, reflections and interviews with those who were directly affected at the time and by the fallout over the last month. Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson reveals the personal impact on him of the allegations made by Martin Bashir to Diana that he was being paid to spy on her. Graphic artist Matt Wiessler talks about finding out for the first time that he had been blacklisted by the BBC for his role in creating two fake bank statements, and about the mysterious burglary at his flat. Royal biographer Andrew Morton discloses what he has been told about the wording of the infamous note Diana wrote to the BBC saying that she was not coerced into the interview or influenced in any way by the documents. And veteran Panorama reporter Tom Mangold also talks on television for the first time about the concerns he expressed at the time to the programme’s editor and other senior BBC staff.

The Diana Interview: The Truth Behind The Scandal – Monday 8pm on Channel 4