Preview: The English

The English

Series 1, Ep. 4/6

Fifteen years earlier, in 1875 on the Chalk River in Wyoming, Thomas Trafford (Tom Hughes) has arrived to establish his cattle ranch along with his accountant and aide David Melmont (Rafe Spall) and local guide Thin Kelly (Steve Wall).

While on the move, U.S soldiers Billy Myers (Nicholas Aaron), Timothy Flynn (Miguel Alvarez) and their terrifying leader Jerome McClintock (Julian Bleach) join their camp. To Trafford’s protests, Melmont tells of a Native American camp nearby which he sees as a threat to the cattle ranch.

Deserting his position, Melmont joins the soldiers as they make their way to the camp with a savage massacre in mind.

Shortly afterwards, the ramifications of the horror find their way back to England, and Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt), who, unaware of events, is visited in London by Melmont who divulges information about her fiancé Trafford that she finds impossible to fathom.

The consequence of Melmont’s visit ultimately motivates Cornelia’s subsequent journey to the West 15 years later.

The English

Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

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