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Black Eyed Mog - The English

The Buffalo Gun

Returning to 1890, Kills on Water (William Belleau), a member of the Cheyenne nation, tells a captured Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) that the massacre he didn’t prevent or report 15 years earlier was of his own family and people.

As penance, he tells Eli he must kill his business competitor Black Eyed Mog (Nichola McAuliffe), or die himself…

Upon hearing of Eli’s hostile predicament, Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) sets out to hunt down Black Eyed Mog in order to save him. On her journey, she comes across a young Cheyenne boy whom she brings with her and nicknames No Trouble (Corey Bird).

Meanwhile, in Powder River, ‘cattle baron’ Englishman Thomas Trafford (Tom Hughes) is preparing a huge hayrick in a desperate attempt to provide herd feed for the winter. Sheriff Robert Marshall (Stephen Rea) questions him on the cattle he appropriated from Martha Myers (Valerie Pachner) and teases him of David Melmont’s (Rafe Spall) success.

While resting under the stars, No Trouble is kidnapped by U.S soldiers Sergeant Ellroy (Andy Williams) and Major Mackay (Stuart Milligan), who, intent on ‘educating’ Native American children to become Americans, have also captured several Cheyenne women. Determined to save the child, Eli and Cornelia hunt down the camp. But as a deadly gunfight ensues, a mysterious illness begins to take hold of Cornelia.

As the fight rages on, are they able to save the child, and even themselves?

The English

Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC Two and iPlayer.

Image: 2022 The English © Drama Republic/BBC/Amazon Studios.

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