Preview: The English

The English - Chaske Spencer and Emily Blunt

Episode 6: Cherished

The concluding episode of writer/director Hugo Blick’s handsome Western drama, The English in which the threads of this beautifully shot saga finally come together.

At the Powder River, David Melmont’s (Rafe Spall) prediction of bankruptcy and ruin loom large over Thomas Trafford after his winter feed supply goes up in smoke. Trafford makes a fateful decision to drive his cattle herd up to Alberta.

Meanwhile, a travelling doctor and showman offers to aid Cornelia’s (Emily Blunt) affliction and, in turn for an investment in his Wild West show, also offers to care for ‘White Moon’ (Corey Bird).

Almost reaching the end of their shared journey, Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) and Cornelia arrive in Powder River, where they encounter Sheriff Robert Marshall (Stephen Rea), Martha Myers (Valerie Pachner) and her son Jed Myers (Walt Klink).

Marshall’s investigations into murders, rustling and pretty much all wrongdoing of the town’s recent history coalesce around their unexpected and shared history with Melmont.

The English

Thursday at 9:00pm on BBC Two.

Image:  2022 The English © Drama Republic/BBC/Amazon Studios.

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