The Equaliser 2

Eqaliser 2_

Denzel Washington returns for a second outing as Robert McCall and, if you’ll forgive the cliché, this time it is actually personal as the retired CIA agent tracks down the killers of an agency contact who he also considered a friend in Antoine Fuqua’s action crime thriller sequel. Since the first film, not much has changed for McCall, who continues to dispatch hardened criminals with extreme prejudice. But he does have a different day job – he is now a cab driver. This keeps him busy because not only does he have to get his fares to where they want to go, but it also keeps him in touch with the city’s seedy underbelly and allows him to come across the occasional worthy person who might benefit from his unique skillset. But then his repetitive, if brutal, routine is disrupted when his agency contact and friend, Susan (Melissa Leo), is murdered. Now the world’s most violent bookworm must use his brain and brawn to track down her killers. He usually dispatches criminals swiftly and with dispassionate ease, while timing it on his stopwatch. But can he retain his customary composure now that the crime is so close to home?

The Equaliser 2 – Saturday 9pm on Channel 4