The Fast and the Farmer-ish

The Fast and the Farmer-ish

In the Northern Ireland heat, we meet the Bogmen, three best friends from the heart of Fermanagh, who are up against the Determinators: David, Stephanie and a real life Derry girl, Shannon. 

Farmer and YouTuber Tom Pemberton hosts as the teams go head-to-head in three high-octane agricultural challenges. 

The teams are in for a test of raw speed in a drag race and artistic skills in an extraterrestrial mowing challenge. Then, they’re shocked by the toughest reversing manoeuvre they will ever encounter. These young farmers have never worked harder! 

When the dust settles, one team will take to the podium to celebrate, as the losers take to their tractor cabs for the homebound drive of shame.

The Fast and the Farmer-ish – Wednesday 10pm on BBC3

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