The Fast and the Farmer-ish

The Fast and the Farmer-ish

In the Scottish heat, we meet the tough-skinned Teutchers from the wilds of the north, and the slurry-spreading, buckraking Black Reek Pipers from Ayrshire. There’s not much these drivers don’t know about tractors, from driving to repairing them – and with this bunch, repairs are needed frequently! 

Hosted by full-time farmer and YouTuber Tom Pemberton, the show sees both teams go head-to-head in three spectacular, high-octane agricultural challenges. From crashing through massive walls and building towering structures to attempting not to lose their balls – this kind of farming means there is never a dull moment! 

When the engine noise fades, one team will take to the podium to celebrate as the losers take to their tractor cabs and the homebound drive of shame.

The Fast and the Farmer-ish – Friday 8.30pm on BBC3

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