The Girl in The Spider’s Web

The Girl in The Spider's Web

Claire Foy (The Crown) stars as Stieg Larsson’s darkly exceptional hacker Lisbeth Salander in director Fede Alvarez’s crime thriller. Lisbeth is hired to steal a computer programme that can access any nuclear weapon on the planet – a lethal kind of digital skeleton key. Also starring Stephen Merchant. The film opens with a young Lisbeth (Beau Gadsdon) escaping what appears to be an abusive relationship with her father, Alexander Zalachenko (Mikael Persbrandt). But she has to leave her sister, Camilla (Sylvia Hoeks), behind. Cut to the present day and Lisbeth (Foy) is saving a wife from her abusive husband. We also learn that Camilla killed herself. Now, Lisbeth is contacted by a former NSA employee, Frans Balder (Merchant), who built a foolishly powerful piece of software that can hack and control any nuclear system on the planet. The NSA told him he would be able to control it. But then they didn’t let him control it. Now he wants Lisbeth to steal it from the NSA before it does some real harm. But, of course, they’re not the only people who want it. Bad people do too. Question is who? And how bad are they? Based on the novel by David Lagercrantz, who was hired by Larsson’s family to continue the saga following the original author’s death.

The Girl in The Spider’s Web – Friday 9pm on Film 4

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