Preview: Vienna Blood – The God of Shadows

Vienna Blood - The God of Shadows

Episode 2 of 3 – The God of Shadows

Max applies his neurological expertise to the case of a retired soldier, Captain Steiner, who is convinced that he is cursed and tortured by vengeful spirits.

When the captain is found to have committed suicide in a gruesome manner, it looks like a tragic case of trauma-induced paranoia. But Max and Oskar are not convinced.

The investigation into the captain’s past reveals a dark secret, going back ten years to his time in service. The search for an explanation takes Max and Oskar through Vienna’s most lavish homes – and into its darkest opium dens.

Vienna Blood – The God of Shadows

Wednesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Image: BBC/Endor Productions / MR Film/Lenke Szilagyi.

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