Preview: The Great Game

The Great Game

Series 1, episode 2

Discredited by false accusations, Corso Manni (Francesco Montanari) has gone from being the golden boy of ISG prosecutors, the largest company of prosecutors in Italy, to being marginalized by the football world. With the help of the young prosecutor Marco Assari, Corso rebuilds his career by competing for the power of attorney of the champion Quintana and the promising Antonio Lagioia with Dino and Elena De Gregorio, respectively CEO of the ISG and his ex-wife.

An unexpected game of alliances and betrayals takes shape with the entry of Sasha Kirillov, a seasoned prosecutor for the Russian Plustar, determined to conquer not only the Italian football market, but also the precious land owned by the ISG.

The Great Game

Friday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and Now.

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