Preview: The Great Game

The Great Game - Francesco Montanari as Corso Manni.
Francesco Montanari as Corso Manni.

Series 1, episode 1

Billionaire deals, ruthless characters, dream locations and nail-biting negotiations, the football transfer market is one of the most exciting moments in the entire football season and this dramatization delves behind-the-scenes of the dark and glamorous market through the eyes of protagonist, Corso Manni.

Discredited by false accusations, Corso (Francesco Montanari) has gone from being the golden boy of ISG, Italy’s largest football agents’ company, to a pariah.

With the help of young agent Marco Assari (Lorenzo Aloi), Corso begins to rebuild his career by competing against his ex-wife Elena De Gregorio (Elena Radonicich) and her father Dino De Gregorio (Giancarlo Giannini), for the lucrative signing of football champion Quintana (Jesus Mosquera Bernal) and young talent Antonio Lagioia (Giovanni Crozza Signoris). An unexpected game of alliances and betrayals takes shape with the arrival on the scene of Sasha Kirillov (Vladimir Aleksic), an experienced agent of the Russian company Plustar, who is determined to win the Italian football market and the prestigious signings held by ISG.

The Great Game – Friday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and Now.

Image: Federica Di Benedetto/ Sky Italia/ 2022 Sky Studios/ Èliseo Entertainment.

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